Cute Mischievous Cute Animals,dog/dogs Whenever Axel the Dog goes for a walk, Logar Stays on Her Head and Eyes for Hours

Whenever Axel the Dog goes for a walk, Logar Stays on Her Head and Eyes for Hours

Health to the smartest dog!!!🐕‍ 🐕‍ 🐕‍ And to everyone who saves and helps animals, a huge thank you!❣️ God bless all animals! They are salvation, the joy of our souls, the joy of life and our health.❤️🙏🙏 Axel turned out to be smarter than her masters. If not for him, they would not have saved such wonderful beautiful babies. God forbid they find their home and thanks to this smart dog. 🙏 What lovely kittens. And what a smart dog. Irena needs to learn to understand her pet, and not be surprised!😊 What a smart dog, the first to react to trouble, it doesn’t immediately reach people !!!❤💞💖💕🙏👍 This is where you think about who is who. The dog turned out to be the most indifferent and humane in this story 😍👍 People live their lives, and animals live theirs, and we often do not understand animals, what they want to tell us, although they understand us perfectly and come to our aid.💐 A dog is a man’s friend, she is such a clever woman who saved the life of little kittens! Well done! Thanks for the interesting story! 👍👍👍🐕😰❣❤❤❤❤❤ German Shepherds are a universal breed. many qualities, reflexes, unlike humans, nature gave the dog something that we people do not have. Unfortunately, many do not understand this, thinking that a person is the pinnacle of everything. It’s a pity that they live a little. I had two German males. The best that I had. They gave great love and loyalty.

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