Cute Mischievous Cat & Dog Tiny Kitten and German Shepherd Puppy🐶😻

Tiny Kitten and German Shepherd Puppy🐶😻

I just love the way Jessie pants as she tends to the kitten. So sweet and adorable!Ese video presuntamente es antiguo, si en aproximadamente navidades la sacaron a la calle y ya estaba prácticamente de tamaño grande tanto Jessie como Mia antes de la misma navidades en diferentes lugares en un playa. Tienen almacenados videos antiguos y los ponen presuntamente, que estén bien o no es otra cosa….Crescendo di controlla sempre piu, la mia amata jessie! Mentre Mia è sempre più goffa e poco delicata nell’interagire con i gatti, Jessie sta diventando un vero pastore tedesco! 💖❤I think, Jessy ist a bit confused about the tiny kitten, like Rocky was in former days. It’s just about the breed, I think. GSDs are not raised to be gentle to animals like cats or rabbits. But I think, they can be taught to behave well to these animals. Jessy ist still learning to behave in the right way. Nothing bad, but more than good. It’s gonna be fine. 😁It squeaks and it’s so soft.. 😌.. I’ll keep and take care of my tiny new friend ☺️💕. Such an adorable twosome. ❤️Rocky is a sweet puppy because he is a little brother of a special Bailey! Baily teaches Rocky all the great things 🙂 !calle y ya estaba prácticamente de tamaño grande tanto Jessie This is NOT cute. The kitten is young and is needing his/her mother. Terrifying young animals in order to profit make these videos is cruel and exploitative !!! 😤

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