Cute Mischievous dog/dogs Sleepy Puppy falls asleep on baby

Sleepy Puppy falls asleep on baby

is too precious. You can see how protective this little dog is of the baby. So adorable. Some answers to common questions I’ve seen. Callie(the puppy) is a mutt that was tied to our fence in 2012. It is guessed that she is a pitt/catahoula mix. She is the sweetest dog we have ever had. Awww, so precious!! Gotta love animals, so gentle with the baby. 🥰❤🐕🐾 They still play together, The puppy still looks very young. He/she probably hasn’t been away from their mother long and is still used to sleeping cuddled up in a litter. This video was 9 years ago, I can imagine the kid running around with the grown dog in the backyard, how heartwarming would an update on the two be i love how the puppy changed position several times. I think the puppy was trying to find the least vulnerable spot to rest his head since kids that young are pretty soft boned and fragile. Animals can be very perceptive and mindful. one of the most beautiful things I’ve seen in a while. The kindness in the voice, the adorable puppy eyes, the kinship and loyalty towards the sleeping baby… has everything I need for an uplifting post in turbulent times. I love how she got sleepy waiting for the baby to wake up and play, so she started to fight the sleepies, but at the end she’s like “you know what? u right.” and settles for nap time.

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