Cute Mischievous dog/dogs Golden Retriever Meets Golden Retriever Puppy for the First Time

Golden Retriever Meets Golden Retriever Puppy for the First Time

Bailey is confused: “Another new little pal ? Here in MY house? Better, I show him first that this is MY couch and MY mommy.”☝❤Little goldie is sooo cute 🥰This is so sweet! We’re all going to get diabetes from watching Bailey’s and Rocky’s antics along with their friends!💕🐶YAS! What’s better than one cute, kind, and cuddly Golden Retriever? TWO GOLDIES!! Welcome to the family Mia! 😍🥰🤙There are two things in this life that are maybe the best things about it. A baby laughing and a puppy tail wagging uncontrollably 👍❤️The baby is as snow-white as a snowflake 😘, and the big guy is as excited as if he drank an energy drink 😝😁Buen positivo día y que lindo que le llegó su futura esoosa a Bailey la madre de sus cachorritos bellos y dulces como lo es Bailey❤️💕Babbies both of them, hust one big and one small babby. I can not imagine what the world would be like without our furbabies. Love them all 🥰🥰🥰It’s so interesting how the puppy already knows the human is mama even with a grown dog right there. They have been so conditioned to respond to us humans it is very sweet but also shows how we need to protect and look out for them, they are our responsibilityWell Bailey is just beside himself. He is over joyed to meet this precious baby. Bailey you’re the best and I love all of your little buddies too.♥️🐾💋I love how cool and happy a Golden Retriever can make u feel.Their excitement is infectious.🙂🙂🙃🙃😊😊😊🐕🐈🐕‍🦺.Hugs to both puppy dogs and best wishes from me in 🇨🇦Canada.

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